Hello and welcome!

I am a clinical social worker specializing in psychotherapy in Philadelphia.  I provide support around several challenges and conflicts; these include, but are not limited to, life transitions,mood disorders, anxiety, sexual orientation issues and certain personality disorders.

I believe deeply in the collaborative process of therapy and beginning wherever you are.  I specialize in trauma, with a special focus on childhood sexual abuse.  My priority is to provide a safe environment that is supportive,encouraging and nonjudgmental.  It is my hope that this space can help you gain awareness of, and better understand your core beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I tend to use a holistic approach and a theoretical perspective appropriate to each individual person.  Additionally, I draw on my social work foundation, which allows me to incorporate a systems approach meaning that I have a constant awareness of how different aspects of our lives impact us at all times.  While our earlier life experiences strongly impact who we are today, we also are living in a world in which we are interacting and dealing with our current environments.

Though conflict inevitably exists within our environment, we can generate development and change within these relationships, particularly when we heal and strengthen our own foundations which can feel fractured and painful.